WHS Harmonisation – It is Getting Closer for WA

WHS Harmonisation – It is Getting Closer for WA

The WA Minister for Commerce Hon Michael Mischin MLC recently made a statement to the WA Legislative Council on WA’s intention on Work Health and Safety Harmonisation.

The Minister indicated that WA will develop a version of the Model WHS legislation that has been tailored for WA. The draft will be released in 3 months for public comment.  So are you ready?

The model WHS laws have already been adopted by the Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia. Victoria is the only state to signal its unwillingness to adopt the new laws. The introduction of the legislation in Western Australia was delayed due to the state government conducting its own analysis of the impact of the model WHS laws.

The state’s Worksafe Commissioner argued the National Regulation Impact Statement prepared by the Federal Government “fell short” in properly assessing the impact of the new laws, particularly on small business. Special consideration is also being given to Western Australia’s large Mining sector.

With 96% of all businesses in WA being small business this would be some oversight for the state.

So how can Cattani Consulting help?

Whilst the legislation still remains in draft for Western Australia It is important to start getting acquainted to the new WHS Laws and what will be expected of managers and staff.  Cattani Consulting are offering briefing sessions to your people within your workplace so that you can start getting acquainted with the model WHS laws, planning and making any necessary changes.  Simply get in touch with us to arrange a one day workshop and stay informed and proactive to the safety of your people and WHS obligations.

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Marcus is Director and Principal Consultant at Cattani Consulting. Marcus is passionate about preventing injury within the workplace and has developed a series of products for organisations to use to achieve this including the JOURNEYProgram™ and myJOURNEY™.