Occupational Hygiene

Hygiene and Health

Headed by our Principal Dr Marcus Cattani, the Cattani Consulting team includes skilled occupational hygienists with a wealth of experience and capability. We specialise in strategic health hazard management, including all aspects of evaluation and control of exposure risks such as noise, dust, vibration, hazardous substances, heat and fatigue.

Our team designs effective control strategies and safety systems, including management plans for your business. Engineering solutions, using the latest science and technology, are supported by expertise in the behavioural dimensions of control, including workforce leadership, culture and engagement. This enables us to help your team understand the vital role they play in controlling exposure 

Definition: Occupational Hygiene is generally defined as the art and science of  anticipating, recognising, evaluating, communicating and controlling environmental stressors that may result in injury, illness, impairment or affect the well being of workers and the community.

Just Some of the Services We Provide

AudiometryPersonal Heat StressWhole BodyInhalable/Respirable Dusts
Personal Noise AudiometryThermal Work LimitHand ArmLead
Boundary Noise MonitoringControl StrategiesControl StrategiesWelding Fumes
Hearing Protection AssessmentTrainingTrainingConfined Spaces
Factory Noise Monitoring--Asbestos
Fit Testing--Spray Booth Ventilation
Control Strategy--Fit Testing
---Control Strategies