We Won’t Leave You Stranded


Cattani Consulting gives organisations and their people the confidence and skills to control health and safety risk.

Our approach is geared for sustainability – both financial and cultural. We are passionate about keeping people safe at work and we help organisations to improve and change the way safety is perceived and handled across their business.

We won’t leave you stranded with tools and solutions that sit on a shelf, that your people don’t understand or that your company’s resources cannot maintain. Instead, we show our clients how to design and implement robust safety systems that lift and sustain performance – with a critical focus on the people dimension. Each system, framework and solution is derived from a blend of experience, qualification, research and collaboration. Each product we develop draws from this insight and is delivered with the same level of respect for the end user and industry as a whole.

We focus on building a culture of conscientious compliance where people understand the meaning of safety in each of their defined roles, know how to communicate risk, and supervisors at all levels have the leadership skills to manage that risk well.

And when all the work is done, we remain vigilant in our promise and commitment. The Cattani team continues to provide the support, mentoring and monitoring to ensure the effectiveness of the programs and interventions we implement. We remain flexible to change in line with organisational strategy.

Whether it is project based contract expertise, company-wide strategy or behavioural and cultural change, our approach is proven and consistent. Let us walk with you on your Journey to a safer, more efficient and profitable business.


  • HSE Consultants
  • Occupational Hygiene Consultants
  • Operational Management Consultants
  • Leadership Coaches
  • Trainers and Mentors


  • Mining and Resource
  • Oil and Gas
  • Port and Rail
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Aviation
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Infrastructure
  • SME’s


  • Assessment – Systems and Behaviour
  • Risk Management
  • Auditing
  • Integrated Mgt Systems
  • Accident Investigation
  • Environmental Monitoring and Hygiene
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Leadership
  • Organisational Mgt


  • Sustainable and Robust
  • Flexible
  • Strategic
  • Collaborative
  • Innovative
  • People Focused
  • HSE
  • Leadership