Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety (BSB41412)

aveling-logoBest practice in workplace health and safety has never been more important to the sound operation of a business than it is today. And the onus lies primarily with the leaders of an organisation to inject a ‘safety first culture’ into their workplace. Whether big or small, ensuring that effective expertise, management and accountability remains a priority within your workforce is paramount to the health and safety of your employees, customers and contractors alike.

Cattani Consulting have partnered with AVELING to deliver a first-to-market program that leads to a Certificate IV Work Health and Safety qualification with The JOURNEY Program for Safety LeadersTM.

As the title reflects, we believe that health and safety education is an ongoing journey, not just a one-off training course. The JOURNEY Program is unique in that it applies the latest behavioural learning techniques in three parts to equip your employees with the skills, expertise and ‘common sense’ approach to take on a leadership role in the health and safety space.

By participating in the program, participants will gain:

  1. The knowledge and skill base to manage injury risk;
  2. A methodology to clearly and effectively communicate about injury risk;
  3. A feedback system to assess and respond to performance.

Our program is delivered in conjunction with our partner, AVELING by highly experienced safety professionals, and is based on industry best practice.

For further information on Units of Competency and qualifications, scheduling and course pricing, please visit the course page on AVELING.

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