Organisational Characters – fun with a serious side!

The Journey Program Organisational characters: Who are you?

Each of the The Journey Program books and courses takes participants on the same journey, but customised to their roles needs.

The aim is that together an organisation develops a network of people who work consistently towards a common goal.

One of the starting points in the Journey Program for Safety Leaders is the “Organisational Characters“.  Several characters have been compiled from a series of leadership attributes and behaviours.  By reflecting on these characteristics participants in the course can identify with a character.  Once someone has a character and knows its strengths and weaknesses it can help with their communication to others.

Whilst this all may sound complex, it really is an easy way for people to learn a bit about themselves and how others perceive them.  The organisational characters are a fun way of developing this knowledge.

During several courses including the Safety Leaders program we have some entertaining workshops using the organisational characters.

You don’t have to go on a course to have a go!  We have developed a simple quiz which analyses your leadership style.  Its free and easy!

Click here to find out which character you are!