Changing the way your people handle teamwork, safety and risk


Cattani Consulting is an Australian owned and operated provider of Health, Safety, Leadership and Occupational Hygiene professionals and business improvement services to industry and organisations.

The people factor remains the last great obstacle to an injury-free workplace. Despite revolutionary change in engineering and technology, regulation and healthcare, there is only so much industry can do to protect its people from themselves.

Avoiding the massive cost that accidents and injury bring to your business depends on your people having the knowhow and care factor to do the right thing.

Cattani Consulting is the owner of several products and services, in particular the suite of risk based training materials, known as the Journey Program, and the risk analysis process known as Injury Alarm.

Injury Alarm: free safety data analysis

What gets measured gets managed!  Organisations spend a huge amount of effort collecting “safety data”.  Did you know that this incredible resource of data can be used to help understand your likely future performance? Its not surprising that what has previously happened can help you work out what could happen.  Now there is a way to make better use of this data.  Call Marcus to find out more, or, have a look at the free “Injury Alarm”!

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Our risk based training program is renowned for its practical, common sense approach to risk based leadership development and behavioural change. Structured tutorials are supported by guide books, workshops, personal mentoring and online performance tools.

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